Being a natural material wood can be affected by the elements. Please follow these simple steps to care for your furniture and keep it looking good for its lifetime. UV rays can affect the colour of the wood over time. Keep furniture away from direct sunlight whenever possible. Wood is affected by moisture in the air. Wood grows and contracts as humidity levels change. To ensure the stability of your pieces, refrain from introducing drastic changes in humidity to your furniture; let them acclimatize slowly to a new environment and do not take them from a humid cold storage to a heated dry space - this can cause damage to your furniture.
When possible use a humidifier to keep a more uniform humidity level throughout the year.

Also, do not place furniture near a high source of heat as this can cause damage.

Cane & Papercord

Care should be taken, as with wood, to avoid direct UV contact as this can weaken the material. It is also good to keep these pieces from close proximity to high heat sources.

Soap Treatment (wood, cane & papercord)

How to make soap solution:
Boil 1 litre of clean water and mix in 5 rounded tablespoons of natural soap flakes, set aside to cool.
Using a clean, soft cloth or sponge, wipe the solution into the wood (or on cane & papercord) in the direction of the grain remembering to do all sides of piece, visible or not. It is important to not let any of these materials soak in the solution. Wait 5 minutes and wipe off any excess solution.

Daily maintenance can be performed using a soft cloth rinsed in clean water. Do not use any cleaning products on soap-treated furniture. More stubborn stains can be removed using the soap solution above with a soft clean cloth - repeat as necessary remembering to wipe in the direction of the grain.
As well, soap the entire piece to ensure an even finish. Never use metal to scour the stained area. Over time, the wood will "hold" more of the soap making the surface more impervious to stains.

For regular maintenance, clean furniture with soap solution at least 3 times a year.